Best Video-Sharing App Development Company In India 2021

Video sharing app development companies in India shined right through the lockdown. Here is a compilation of the best video sharing app development company and the apps they have developed and are available on Android and iOS. However, the verdict of the best video sharing application development company in India remains ambiguous so far.

The Backstory

The year 2020 left the world in such turmoil and many of us thought that the year could potentially be the end for us; especially when TikTok, the leading video sharing app along with a list of 100+ apps were banned by the Indian government because of privacy issues. It was rather a dark period for every individual who enjoyed entertainment in these video-sharing apps while many Indian influencers had already established their own brand and were making money.

During this time, the Atma Nirbhar Bharat scheme or Self-Reliant India movement had started to take its course. Along with this, the border dispute between India and China along the Galwan Valley region sparked an Anti-China sentiment across the country. This spread like wildfire to boycott Chinese products and applications on every social media platform and gave rise to the population seeking for software applications developed in India. 

Thus, with this, the race among the best app development companies in India started.

Many developers aimed to become the best video sharing app development company in India as the leading Chinese Video sharing app TikTok, Helo was out of the game.

The desideratum was to develop the next “TikTok” of the country that would be suitable for both android and iOS users and be the pioneer in the video sharing app market. 

Let us look at some of the outcomes of the video sharing apps in 2020 that was created and promoted by the best app development companies in India.

Top 3 Best Video Sharing App Development Company in India (2021)

 1. MXP Media and Entertainment

Initially known as J2 Interactive, MX Media And Entertainment is famous for developing the MX player app; one of the best video streaming app as well as a video player app in India. 

After the ban of TikTok, it released its second app, MX TakaTak-Short Video App. It was developed as an alternative for TikTok by MXP Media India. 

MX MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT PTE. LTD. is currently based in Singapore. Although its principal activity is motion picture, video, television, and other program distribution activities n.e.c., it has successfully established itself as the best software and programming applications in India.

The total revenue of mobile apps in December 2020 was <$40k. Total mobile app downloads for MX Media & Entertainment was 34M and their top-grossing app was MX Player Pro. Nonetheless, MX TakaTak was the most downloaded app.

About MX TakaTak App

Best App Development India

The app is supported on both Android and iOS phones. It was released on 18th July 2020.

With MX TakaTak, you can browse trendy videos, share your videos on other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. What makes it Indianized is the content languages that are available such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, English.

Its features are the same as TikTok and you can watch all types of videos relating to beauty, lifestyle, gaming, comedy, cooking etc. 

 2. MOHALLA Tech Private Limited

Mohalla Tech Private Limited is a Bengaluru-based android app development company as well as an iOS app development company. The company has so far developed 3 apps which are listed under the category “social” out of which ShareChat-Made in India and Moj-Made in India culminated as the highly ranked on Google Play which has witnessed over 50 million installations.

The company’s revenue in December 2020 was <$20k. It saw a total of 300k downloads in iOS app downloads and 23M android app downloads. ShareChat was their top-grossing app and Moj was the most downloaded app.

About MOJ and Share chat

Best Video Sharing App Development Company

Moj is the latest app launched by the app development company in June 2020. Moj is a short video sharing platform that outvies TikTok. Moj was coded in 30 hours and on its release date (07 July 2020), it shot up to the list of Google’s free apps list on the play store.

Moj is similar to TikTok in many ways like its short video community where one can show off their talents, flex their outfits or cribs. It also consists of challenges created among the community on creating fun music videos, dialogue dubbing, lip-sync dubbing, dancing, singing videos, and many more.

 Video Sharing App Development

In April 2016, ShareChat enabled its users to create their creative content and posters on its platform. It is a social app where you can make friends and connect with them daily. To keep users engaged, ShareChat allows users to share videos, jokes, GIFs, audio songs, shaires, motivational quotes, funny quotes, bhajans, devotional songs, and funny images all in one platform. 

One specialty of ShareChat is the Chat Rooms that are available in multiple languages like Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Odia, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Rajasthani, Haryanvi & Urdu 

3. VER SE Innovation Private Limited(Daily hunt)

Ver Se Innovation Private Limited is involved in software publishing like production, supply, and documentation of ready-made software and other applications software. The company is based in Bangalore, Karnataka. Intending to fill the void left by the dominating Chinese apps in the app stores, Ver Se Innovation is the developer of the short videos sharing platform, Josh. 

Their revenue in December 2020 was <$5k with the total app downloads in android phones summing up to 9M and approximately 5k iOS app downloads.

About JOSH

Best Video Sharing App Development Company

As its name suggests, Josh app created hype across the country as the launch of this new app spread like a wildfire all over media channels. Within 45 days of the beta mode in the app store, it saw a staggering rise of downloads of over 50 Million. It was trending 5th in the Google App store once it was released.

Josh is a community for content creators in short clips which are original and exclusive. In Josh, you can also collaborate with other fellow content creators who share the same vision as you.

The developers have programmed to collect data to bring you the most personalised feeds, including international feeds to its users. One can also enjoy content in their languages like Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and many more.

Josh creatively spread their josh by making use of trending and unique hashtags like #JoshMeinAaja #joshchallenge and #ThumkaLagaDuniyaHila

The Competition for Application Development Company is Open-Ended

With bigger player app development companies based in China bailing out of the app developing market in India due to stringent policy frameworks, the country has witnessed a surge in the rise of an application development company in India, releasing a ton of apps to substitute the Chinese apps that once dominated the market. 

The increase of smartphone users runs in equilibrium with the popularity and the number of app downloads that is India-based.

The post-pandemic India holds the potential to invite fresh android app developments along with iOS app developments based in India as people demand more “Made In India” apps. Make your ideas come alive with Agstya Technologies; one of the best app development companies in India. The next trending app could be your brand collaborating with us.

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