The Backstory

The app development costs have always been constantly fluctuating due to several factors such as the app type, the complexity of the market, the functionality, and the marketing skills involved in relation to the mobile app developments. With the world being in such an uncertain position due to the pandemic that has occurred in 2020, the two main questions that arise are how much does it actually cost to develop an app? And what are the factors that play a role in the mobile app development costs? These are the questions that will further be addressed.

In a generation where one is lost without a phone, and where the dependency on gadgets has greatly increased. Have you ever wondered about the costs that go into these mobile app developments? Your smartphone consists of several apps each having its own utility and benefits. These apps have been designed for your convenience and comfort and they indeed do make your lives simpler. But have you ever wondered about the backstory behind the development of these apps? Firstly, it is a necessity to understand more about the two basic primary app categories that exist before understanding the app development cost factor. The reason behind this is that looking at the right type of apps and recognizing them, would help your business or company to create the right strategy that is required and to allocate the desired funds. Thus, the two major app development categories are native apps and hybrid apps.

1. Native Apps

Native apps consist of programs that are coded in-depth with the usage of machine language of the specific hardware platform that it is running in. Native apps are built for several different systems thus making them varied and compatible. Of course the cost, in this case, would depend upon the number of platforms your business is targeting or plans to focus on in the foreseeable future.

2. Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps consist of a native container that uses a Webview object. When this app is used, the object displays the appropriate web content. This is with the help of web technologies and languages used. For instance, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Java, HTML5, etc.

Thus, while understanding these two categories, one can clearly state that a hybrid mobile application can run on multiple operating systems and manages to save costs and development time by increasing efficiency. However, on the other hand, native apps are more superior in nature because they provide better performance and are supported by a better operating system.

Understanding how the app is usually built is also essential. One needs to truly understand what goes behind making the app before analyzing the costs that go into mobile app developments. How is a  Mobile App created? – Usually, this process takes into account market research, defining goals and objectives for the app, wireframing the app, looking into the backend of the mobile app, finalizing the wireframe, testing the prototype, developing the app again, testing it, launching it, and marking the official release, after which promoting the app slowly begins.

Mobile App Development Costs in India

On average, it costs approximately $27,000 to develop an app globally. However, in India, the costs dip considerably lower. It is about the median cost per hour and per platform (in US Dollars).

The formula for calculating the app development cost is the total development time into the hourly rate, thus highlighting the time and the hours invested in developing the apps. The framework for building a simple app wouldn’t cost much, what would really cost you is the app’s features that you would have to invest in to make sure that your app is the best, unique, and meets the expectations of the users. For the android app developments, for Indian developers, it costs roughly about $18-$40 per hour while for the development of iOS mobile app development it costs the Indian developers about $20-$35 per hour on an average basis. High prices usually mean better quality.

Android Mobile app development costs vs iOS app development costs

While previously there was a big hype created on the costs of iOS app developments are always considerably much higher than the android app development costs, now that is slowly being cleared up. Yes, currently the iOS development costs are higher but at the moment it is a very minimal difference between both systems. The android and the iOS development costs are almost the same, with both being neck to neck competitors in terms of bringing in better app developments. Both the platforms need to be targeted. This ensures that the business or the company targeting the platforms are exploring a more diverse range and different apps are being created simultaneously. All of this is happening irrespective of whether you choose to opt for the hybrid or the native apps to develop. The iOS app is normally required to be compatible with the previous upgrades of the iOS update so that there is a link to the previous versions. With regard to android apps, they are more diversified in nature and look into influencing factors such as the market size, market specifics, and client preferences.

Factors that affect app development costs

Mobile App Development Costs
  • The costs involved for the app (pre-development)
  • The costs for the technical features
  • The time period involved – the longer the tentative time-period, the greater will be the development costs
  • Backend Infrastructure
  • Overhead Costs
  • Compatible Platforms
  • Complexities

Funding for Mobile Apps

Through the above means, it is now clear that there are several processes that go into developing an app, the costs that are involved, how to calculate the cost, the main categories of app development, android versus iOS app development costs, and the factors that affect the app development costs.

Now in order to figure out the costs for the app developments, there are several methods through which funds can be gathered. For instance, Ventura capital, crowdfunding, known sources, introduction to the third part, social media, bootstrap, and even through app contests.

Venture capitals which are referred to as the big fish in the funding world, look into making large investments, which thus makes it possible of getting the required funds for the app development. However, they can demand a lot of control. Another possibility is through known sources meaning funding from family and friends. They are more dependable and always there for the rescue. However, make sure that while mixing up your personal and professional life, things do not get too dicey.

Another possibility to cover the costs is through crowdfunding. This involves a large number of investors all making a small contribution. This is done through the help of various means. Yet, another option is to reach out for funds via the internet and social media platforms. This gives you an opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts, and opinions and attract people from all across the world to help you in funding the costs required. This can also help you to connect with people who share the same views as you.

An introduction to a third party can also perhaps grant you the investor you need. However, make sure that you have a pitch at the ready so that you are able to convince them into funding you. If the third party is a mutual friend, then things become relatively easier for you. You can also opt for bootstrap where your own savings can be your best option. Another also viable option is through app contests where young, eager entrepreneurs present their various ideas and the winner of the contest manages to gather funds that can help in covering the costs.


There is a lot of factors that are under consideration when one considers the cost factor of developing mobile apps. There are so many things to understand and several factors that need to be linked to while talking about the costs. With 2020 being an unexpected twist in our lives, the year 2021 is sure to be considering some major changes and will contribute significantly in this area. There might be a possibility of your company collaborating with us.

On-Demand Food Ordering App

With a generation that is highly dependent on everything online, on-demand food ordering services come as no surprise. You now have online apps for booking plane tickets, seats for a restaurant, your movie tickets, even shopping online services that have grown to a great extent. The year 2020 has made us greatly vulnerable to these online services, with the pandemic hitting us. Most of the world has experienced a great deal of the possibilities of making lives much easier with the help of the internet. One of these many services that have gained a lot of popularity is the on-demand food ordering app. With food being extremely essential and is something that we keep consuming and many times enjoy consuming as well, the food delivery apps have truly great demand. At the moment there are several competitors for the provision of this service considering how popular this is.

Features of On-Demand Food Ordering Application

Considering that the on-demand food ordering apps have grown a lot and have become almost like a necessity, there are several features that contribute as essentials to the on-demand food ordering apps. There are 7 must-have features in on-demand food ordering applications. Some of the features are as follows:

1.Easy Order Placements

The main point of having an on-demand food ordering app is that it is quite convenient to place food orders irrespective of the place or the time. At a click, you can have food delivered at your step.

2. Convenient Payment Options

Just as convenience is required in terms of ordering food, convenient payment options are also required. It would make no sense if ordering food is easy but one would have to go through a great amount of hassle to pay for the food ordered. Thus, easy payment options are extremely essential and are thus a feature of these apps. Options such as net banking or payment through cards or other online options such as Google pay or PayTM are available.

3. Push Notifications

Being constantly aware or updated about the app and the orders paced, push notifications are needed to be kept to date. Having push notifications simply makes things a lot easier and makes one alert as well. For instance, when the delivery of your order is delayed for a few minutes, having a push notification to update you about makes things more convenient for you.

4. Tracking Options

Most food ordering apps have options that help customers keep track of when the order has been placed, when the order is being prepared, when the order has left for delivery, etc. This helps in being aware of roughly how much time you can expect your meal, which is truly great.

5. Reviews and Ratings

People prefer good quality food from the best restaurants or places. Having ratings and reviews for your food, cafes, restaurants, etc. makes a big difference because the better the reviews and ratings, the better there is a change of ordering from that particular place. Customers prefer having reviews and ratings because when they want to explore or try something different, they have something to refer to, thus making this an extremely crucial feature of an on-demand food ordering app.

6. Discounts, Rewards, and Offers

For anything to work, there are certain marketing strategies that are applied. Having a food ordering app that offers rewards, points, discounts for orders, cashback, or any kind of offers, automatically attracts more people. That having this as a feature would ensure more customers.

7. Social Media Integration

People are often active or at least aware of several social media handles. Having on-demand food ordering apps integrated with social media means that there is more awareness of these apps and there could potentially be more users, which is why most food ordering apps consist of this integration.

On-Demand Food Ordering App

On-Demand Food Ordering App for Androids and iOS

Just like most of the other products and services available, there are several food ordering apps that are present and can be downloaded according to what each person likes best. When was the last time you ordered through Swiggy or checked your phone for a Zomato gold offer? These apps that are available on both android and iOS have made lives much simpler. There are several other apps that are now available on both these operating systems. For instance, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Seamless, Instacart, goPuff, GrubHub, Postmates, etc. Of course, there are plenty more apps that are free and paid, but these are some of the most common ones with Swiggy, Zomato, and Uber Eat being some of the topmost competitors in this area. Many times there might be a restaurant or a cafe or an eatery that might be registered under one particular app but not on the others. If you would want to order from that particular place, you would be required to download that particular app.

On-Demand Food Ordering Application Development

For these on-demand food ordering apps to be popular, they need to be developed and marketed. Restaurant chains or cafes or good places to eat, be in ice creams, snacks, Italian, Mexican, or any other cuisine, to gain popularity, developing an app for the food would definitely be more helpful. Thus, there are now several companies that work in developing these apps for eateries. They work in ensuring that the food delivery software is both appealing to the clients as well as convenient for the customers to use. There are several companies such as Minster, that work in developing apps for startups, single restaurants, restaurant chains. Along with the development of these apps, they look into creating more advanced features for these apps as well. Many of these companies also provide a free demo for these apps to portray an idea of these apps.


Overall looking at how much popularity the on-demand food ordering apps have gained, there is no doubt that there is a great demand for these apps. These apps have certain features and there is a manner in which the process takes place. However, considering these are digital forms of convenience, there is no doubt that in the future there will be several more upgrades and plenty of changes. There are always constant upgrades and developments that take place in technology and development, and the next generation has plenty to look forward to. In the meantime, considering how fast the demand for these apps has spread, there will definitely be companies like Agstya Technologies looking to develop these apps even further with advanced features and better software. For now, the above-mentioned features are a must for on-demand food ordering applications.

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Video sharing app development companies in India shined right through the lockdown. Here is a compilation of the best video sharing app development company and the apps they have developed and are available on Android and iOS. However, the verdict of the best video sharing application development company in India remains ambiguous so far.

The Backstory

The year 2020 left the world in such turmoil and many of us thought that the year could potentially be the end for us; especially when TikTok, the leading video sharing app along with a list of 100+ apps were banned by the Indian government because of privacy issues. It was rather a dark period for every individual who enjoyed entertainment in these video-sharing apps while many Indian influencers had already established their own brand and were making money.

During this time, the Atma Nirbhar Bharat scheme or Self-Reliant India movement had started to take its course. Along with this, the border dispute between India and China along the Galwan Valley region sparked an Anti-China sentiment across the country. This spread like wildfire to boycott Chinese products and applications on every social media platform and gave rise to the population seeking for software applications developed in India. 

Thus, with this, the race among the best app development companies in India started.

Many developers aimed to become the best video sharing app development company in India as the leading Chinese Video sharing app TikTok, Helo was out of the game.

The desideratum was to develop the next “TikTok” of the country that would be suitable for both android and iOS users and be the pioneer in the video sharing app market. 

Let us look at some of the outcomes of the video sharing apps in 2020 that was created and promoted by the best app development companies in India.

Top 3 Best Video Sharing App Development Company in India (2021)

 1. MXP Media and Entertainment

Initially known as J2 Interactive, MX Media And Entertainment is famous for developing the MX player app; one of the best video streaming app as well as a video player app in India. 

After the ban of TikTok, it released its second app, MX TakaTak-Short Video App. It was developed as an alternative for TikTok by MXP Media India. 

MX MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT PTE. LTD. is currently based in Singapore. Although its principal activity is motion picture, video, television, and other program distribution activities n.e.c., it has successfully established itself as the best software and programming applications in India.

The total revenue of mobile apps in December 2020 was <$40k. Total mobile app downloads for MX Media & Entertainment was 34M and their top-grossing app was MX Player Pro. Nonetheless, MX TakaTak was the most downloaded app.

About MX TakaTak App

Best App Development India

The app is supported on both Android and iOS phones. It was released on 18th July 2020.

With MX TakaTak, you can browse trendy videos, share your videos on other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. What makes it Indianized is the content languages that are available such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, English.

Its features are the same as TikTok and you can watch all types of videos relating to beauty, lifestyle, gaming, comedy, cooking etc. 

 2. MOHALLA Tech Private Limited

Mohalla Tech Private Limited is a Bengaluru-based android app development company as well as an iOS app development company. The company has so far developed 3 apps which are listed under the category “social” out of which ShareChat-Made in India and Moj-Made in India culminated as the highly ranked on Google Play which has witnessed over 50 million installations.

The company’s revenue in December 2020 was <$20k. It saw a total of 300k downloads in iOS app downloads and 23M android app downloads. ShareChat was their top-grossing app and Moj was the most downloaded app.

About MOJ and Share chat

Best Video Sharing App Development Company

Moj is the latest app launched by the app development company in June 2020. Moj is a short video sharing platform that outvies TikTok. Moj was coded in 30 hours and on its release date (07 July 2020), it shot up to the list of Google’s free apps list on the play store.

Moj is similar to TikTok in many ways like its short video community where one can show off their talents, flex their outfits or cribs. It also consists of challenges created among the community on creating fun music videos, dialogue dubbing, lip-sync dubbing, dancing, singing videos, and many more.

 Video Sharing App Development

In April 2016, ShareChat enabled its users to create their creative content and posters on its platform. It is a social app where you can make friends and connect with them daily. To keep users engaged, ShareChat allows users to share videos, jokes, GIFs, audio songs, shaires, motivational quotes, funny quotes, bhajans, devotional songs, and funny images all in one platform. 

One specialty of ShareChat is the Chat Rooms that are available in multiple languages like Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Odia, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Rajasthani, Haryanvi & Urdu 

3. VER SE Innovation Private Limited(Daily hunt)

Ver Se Innovation Private Limited is involved in software publishing like production, supply, and documentation of ready-made software and other applications software. The company is based in Bangalore, Karnataka. Intending to fill the void left by the dominating Chinese apps in the app stores, Ver Se Innovation is the developer of the short videos sharing platform, Josh. 

Their revenue in December 2020 was <$5k with the total app downloads in android phones summing up to 9M and approximately 5k iOS app downloads.

About JOSH

Best Video Sharing App Development Company

As its name suggests, Josh app created hype across the country as the launch of this new app spread like a wildfire all over media channels. Within 45 days of the beta mode in the app store, it saw a staggering rise of downloads of over 50 Million. It was trending 5th in the Google App store once it was released.

Josh is a community for content creators in short clips which are original and exclusive. In Josh, you can also collaborate with other fellow content creators who share the same vision as you.

The developers have programmed to collect data to bring you the most personalised feeds, including international feeds to its users. One can also enjoy content in their languages like Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and many more.

Josh creatively spread their josh by making use of trending and unique hashtags like #JoshMeinAaja #joshchallenge and #ThumkaLagaDuniyaHila

The Competition for Application Development Company is Open-Ended

With bigger player app development companies based in China bailing out of the app developing market in India due to stringent policy frameworks, the country has witnessed a surge in the rise of an application development company in India, releasing a ton of apps to substitute the Chinese apps that once dominated the market. 

The increase of smartphone users runs in equilibrium with the popularity and the number of app downloads that is India-based.

The post-pandemic India holds the potential to invite fresh android app developments along with iOS app developments based in India as people demand more “Made In India” apps. Make your ideas come alive with Agstya Technologies; one of the best app development companies in India. The next trending app could be your brand collaborating with us.

Apps run the world around us. From planning your day to creating a presentation, you can do everything with an app these days. Video sharing app development is gaining momentum across every industry because of the impact of videos on our life. Imagine how different our lives would be without a video sharing app like YouTube. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video conveys an entire story. We come across videos on a variety of platforms. Be it social media or the TV, videos created through video sharing apps are reaching everywhere. If you want to build a video sharing app, this is the right time. 

With people going crazy for video sharing platforms, you can easily find a market for your app. Before creating an app, you need to make sure that you are developing it for Android and iOS software. That will increase your app’s outreach.

Why should you build a video sharing app?

The trend of making and sharing videos is here to stay for a long time. Video sharing app development gives you ample opportunity to tap into the vast potential of the video-sharing market. People are obsessed with making videos and sharing them on various social media sites. You can generate revenue worth millions of dollars if your app becomes successful.

Now, everyone doesn’t possess the coding knowledge required to build an app. You can take help from video sharing app development services like Agstya Technologies to build captivating apps that will become an instant sensation. Video sharing apps are the future of media consumption across the world. Therefore, you can make a lot of revenue by building the right app.

How can you earn through video-sharing app development?

After you build a video sharing app, you can easily monetize it using monetization strategies. As a result, you will start earning through your app. There are many strategies for monetization, but here are the best strategies that have worked in the past:

  • In-app advertisements 

Advertisements are the backbone of a video sharing app. You can allow third-party applications, brands, or services to advertise through your app. You will charge them a fee for giving them a platform to promote their products or services.

  • In-app purchases

You can keep most of your features as free and lock others for a premium price. If your parts are worth purchasing, users will be willing to pay for them. However, you must not lock all the features for a premium price to reduce your user base.

  • Subscription plans

You can keep a monthly subscription fee for your platform. Under the subscription, you can offer the users various premium features. Starting from a reasonable subscription plan will help you attract more users.

Now that you know how to monetize your app, let’s look at your app’s key features to become successful.

Ten must-have features for Video sharing app development 

Preparing a plan for what features your app needs is a good idea to start with. The features of an app will determine how successful it’s going to be. If you use the right combination of features in your app, it will indeed become popular. Always try to incorporate the essential features that a video sharing app needs. Apart from that, you can also include advanced features.

In case you are confused about where to begin, here are the top 10 features that every video-sharing app must-have.

1. Easy sign-in and sign-up

One-touch sign-ups and sign-ins are the best way to encourage more users to use your app. If you have a rigorous and lengthy process for creating an account, most users will shy away. Google sign-ins or using other sites like Facebook to allow your users to sign-in, is a must-have feature. 

With the sign-in feature, users can use their accounts from any device. This ease of access will work in favor of your app. So, offering sign-ins and sign-ups through Google will help you reach out to more people.

Video sharing app development

2. Sharing content on other sites

Allowing users to share content from your app with other apps will encourage them to create content every day. Moreover, when they share content from your app, more people will know about your app. That way, you can increase your user base.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger are some of the most popular social media sites that you can allow your users to share their content on. Seamless and instant sharing will motivate your users to use your app and recommend it to their friends. 

Video sharing app development

3. Stunning filters and effects

It has been observed that people are more likely to use a video sharing app if it offers filters and special effects. The success of Instagram and Snapchat filters is proof that people like to enhance their actual faces and look better in photos and videos. Take cues from the most popular video-sharing apps and create your filters and special effects.

Make sure to give unique special effects and filters that the audience will like. Stick to the basic tried and tested filters in the beginning and then add more filters gradually.

Video sharing app development

4. Video uploading feature

This is the most crucial aspect of your app. The video uploading aspect has to be on point so that your users will stay hooked. You also need to give them the option to upload videos from their galleries. That way, they can create their videos earlier and post later on the app.

You can let them upload their videos to their profiles to view all the videos in one place. Video uploading has to be seamlessly integrated into the app’s framework 

Video sharing app development

5. Video editing feature

Your app needs to allow the users to edit the videos once before posting them on their profiles. It would be best to let them crop, add filters, and music to their videos before posting them. It also includes adding captions to the videos. 

Apart from captions, you must include an option to change the background as well. The background editing option is a massive hit among people as it lets them alter the background within the app. You can also allow them to change the lighting and orientation of the video.

Features of Video sharing app

6. Like, comments, and views.

Like and comments encourage the users to create more every day. It makes the app social and builds a community within your app. The likes and comments should be available for both video-sharing app development for Android and video sharing app development for iOS.

Along with that, most successful apps can include live analytics of likes, comments, and views. 

7. Push notifications 

Users should be able to view the notifications as push messages in the app. It is a must-have feature for a basic app. Efficient push notification are one of the most popular strategies to re-engage users with the app.

Push notifications will also show the users how they are performing on the app. It will update them about their content and keep them interested. 

Video sharing app development

8. Live video streaming

Streaming videos have become extremely popular with people these days. Everyone is doing live video shows where they are engaging with their followers and doing fun things together. Live streaming is the perfect way for users to interact with their followers.

This feature would encourage more people to post content. Also, it will build a community within the app itself.

Video sharing app development

9. Profile creating

Profiles matter a lot to people. They want a virtual portfolio of themselves where people can view them and their content. A profile creating feature is a must-have for a video sharing app.

10. Duets and collaboration options

The duet function would enable people to integrate video clips of other people with their videos and post them on their profiles. It will even allow users to enact dialogues or scenes from a movie with other users. The collaboration feature will be great for your app, as it would encourage more users to try the platform.


Video sharing apps are emerging to be the most successful business ventures in the social media section.  Video sharing app development services will let you create an app and make it available on Google and Apple app stores. These services excel in both video-sharing app development for Android and video sharing app development for iOS. It is easy to build a video sharing app if you know the basics.