Looking for a game development company in India?

That’s what we do at Agstya Technologies. Game development is the medium to give life to your finest imaginations and be the god of your world.

Online gaming industry to touch $2.8 billion by 2022 in India

It is the right time to cope with game development as a more realistic and affordable ecosystem enters the market. Technologies that use cloud-based solutions based on Internet of things also makes it more comfortable for consumer and developer.


Agstya Technologies works on the principle of art disciplines rather than progress in the traditional working environments. With us, you can see the adoption of personalized mechanisms and creative coordination for a better in-house experience and in-game development.

We adopt creativity over traditional means

Personalized working space

Eager to innovative for a unique gaming experience

We offer Broad compatibility

Why Agstya Technologies?

We at Agstya Technologies provide reasonable pricing and software advancements. So that one can focus on the overall experience of the gaming developments. We also have an understanding of over 12 years of in the gaming industry. That is also one of the reasons that we can provide you best versatility in every sense.


You have an opportunity to create imaginations with the most innovative and possible solutions that never be the same in the past. With a team of young developing minds, we try to make innovative Games by adopting these technologies.

Our Game Development Process

We comprise complete development components that are handled by the different creative teams of individuals. Our whole process Of game development consists of following several parts for consistently innovating with the latest technology updates.


The development starts with a creative story that empowers imagination to come into existence.


The general character prototype design to provide the story an existential reality.

Music-Sound effects

It is the backbone of any game developing process. Sounds and music select as per the story mood.


Visual arrangements decide as per the character presentations with 2d and 3d designing.


Lighting maintains to make the vibes on which the story is progressing.


The prominent structures create for stimulating user engagement.


This is the final testing phase of any developed game to catch possible bugs and issues for a quality gaming experience.

It is pretty much the general criteria for creating the games at Agstya Technologies.

Technologies We Use

We are adapting the versatility at Agstya Technologies means there is a wide range of integrating engines that we use like:

Cry Engine

Unity Game engine

Game maker

Construct 3

ClickTeam fusion 2.5

Godot engine

Defold engine

And for visuals, we use 3d technologies software like:



Cinema 4d

Lightwave 3d

We also use 2d software for tweaking it with 3d or for separate 2d visuals like:

Toon Boom Harmony

Adobe Animate

Adobe Photoshop

We don’t just build - We Build with a vision!

Unlike other studios, we always welcome new upbringings to our working criteria as personalized software for visual creations and game development.

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