Top 10 must-have features in video-sharing app development

Apps run the world around us. From planning your day to creating a presentation, you can do everything with an app these days. Video sharing app development is gaining momentum across every industry because of the impact of videos on our life. Imagine how different our lives would be without a video sharing app like YouTube. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video conveys an entire story. We come across videos on a variety of platforms. Be it social media or the TV, videos created through video sharing apps are reaching everywhere. If you want to build a video sharing app, this is the right time. 

With people going crazy for video sharing platforms, you can easily find a market for your app. Before creating an app, you need to make sure that you are developing it for Android and iOS software. That will increase your app’s outreach.

Why should you build a video sharing app?

The trend of making and sharing videos is here to stay for a long time. Video sharing app development gives you ample opportunity to tap into the vast potential of the video-sharing market. People are obsessed with making videos and sharing them on various social media sites. You can generate revenue worth millions of dollars if your app becomes successful.

Now, everyone doesn’t possess the coding knowledge required to build an app. You can take help from video sharing app development services like Agstya Technologies to build captivating apps that will become an instant sensation. Video sharing apps are the future of media consumption across the world. Therefore, you can make a lot of revenue by building the right app.

How can you earn through video-sharing app development?

After you build a video sharing app, you can easily monetize it using monetization strategies. As a result, you will start earning through your app. There are many strategies for monetization, but here are the best strategies that have worked in the past:

  • In-app advertisements 

Advertisements are the backbone of a video sharing app. You can allow third-party applications, brands, or services to advertise through your app. You will charge them a fee for giving them a platform to promote their products or services.

  • In-app purchases

You can keep most of your features as free and lock others for a premium price. If your parts are worth purchasing, users will be willing to pay for them. However, you must not lock all the features for a premium price to reduce your user base.

  • Subscription plans

You can keep a monthly subscription fee for your platform. Under the subscription, you can offer the users various premium features. Starting from a reasonable subscription plan will help you attract more users.

Now that you know how to monetize your app, let’s look at your app’s key features to become successful.

Ten must-have features for Video sharing app development 

Preparing a plan for what features your app needs is a good idea to start with. The features of an app will determine how successful it’s going to be. If you use the right combination of features in your app, it will indeed become popular. Always try to incorporate the essential features that a video sharing app needs. Apart from that, you can also include advanced features.

In case you are confused about where to begin, here are the top 10 features that every video-sharing app must-have.

1. Easy sign-in and sign-up

One-touch sign-ups and sign-ins are the best way to encourage more users to use your app. If you have a rigorous and lengthy process for creating an account, most users will shy away. Google sign-ins or using other sites like Facebook to allow your users to sign-in, is a must-have feature. 

With the sign-in feature, users can use their accounts from any device. This ease of access will work in favor of your app. So, offering sign-ins and sign-ups through Google will help you reach out to more people.

Video sharing app development

2. Sharing content on other sites

Allowing users to share content from your app with other apps will encourage them to create content every day. Moreover, when they share content from your app, more people will know about your app. That way, you can increase your user base.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger are some of the most popular social media sites that you can allow your users to share their content on. Seamless and instant sharing will motivate your users to use your app and recommend it to their friends. 

Video sharing app development

3. Stunning filters and effects

It has been observed that people are more likely to use a video sharing app if it offers filters and special effects. The success of Instagram and Snapchat filters is proof that people like to enhance their actual faces and look better in photos and videos. Take cues from the most popular video-sharing apps and create your filters and special effects.

Make sure to give unique special effects and filters that the audience will like. Stick to the basic tried and tested filters in the beginning and then add more filters gradually.

Video sharing app development

4. Video uploading feature

This is the most crucial aspect of your app. The video uploading aspect has to be on point so that your users will stay hooked. You also need to give them the option to upload videos from their galleries. That way, they can create their videos earlier and post later on the app.

You can let them upload their videos to their profiles to view all the videos in one place. Video uploading has to be seamlessly integrated into the app’s framework 

Video sharing app development

5. Video editing feature

Your app needs to allow the users to edit the videos once before posting them on their profiles. It would be best to let them crop, add filters, and music to their videos before posting them. It also includes adding captions to the videos. 

Apart from captions, you must include an option to change the background as well. The background editing option is a massive hit among people as it lets them alter the background within the app. You can also allow them to change the lighting and orientation of the video.

Features of Video sharing app

6. Like, comments, and views.

Like and comments encourage the users to create more every day. It makes the app social and builds a community within your app. The likes and comments should be available for both video-sharing app development for Android and video sharing app development for iOS.

Along with that, most successful apps can include live analytics of likes, comments, and views. 

7. Push notifications 

Users should be able to view the notifications as push messages in the app. It is a must-have feature for a basic app. Efficient push notification are one of the most popular strategies to re-engage users with the app.

Push notifications will also show the users how they are performing on the app. It will update them about their content and keep them interested. 

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8. Live video streaming

Streaming videos have become extremely popular with people these days. Everyone is doing live video shows where they are engaging with their followers and doing fun things together. Live streaming is the perfect way for users to interact with their followers.

This feature would encourage more people to post content. Also, it will build a community within the app itself.

Video sharing app development

9. Profile creating

Profiles matter a lot to people. They want a virtual portfolio of themselves where people can view them and their content. A profile creating feature is a must-have for a video sharing app.

10. Duets and collaboration options

The duet function would enable people to integrate video clips of other people with their videos and post them on their profiles. It will even allow users to enact dialogues or scenes from a movie with other users. The collaboration feature will be great for your app, as it would encourage more users to try the platform.


Video sharing apps are emerging to be the most successful business ventures in the social media section.  Video sharing app development services will let you create an app and make it available on Google and Apple app stores. These services excel in both video-sharing app development for Android and video sharing app development for iOS. It is easy to build a video sharing app if you know the basics. 

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