Top 7 must-have features in On-Demand Food Ordering Application

On-Demand Food Ordering App

With a generation that is highly dependent on everything online, on-demand food ordering services come as no surprise. You now have online apps for booking plane tickets, seats for a restaurant, your movie tickets, even shopping online services that have grown to a great extent. The year 2020 has made us greatly vulnerable to these online services, with the pandemic hitting us. Most of the world has experienced a great deal of the possibilities of making lives much easier with the help of the internet. One of these many services that have gained a lot of popularity is the on-demand food ordering app. With food being extremely essential and is something that we keep consuming and many times enjoy consuming as well, the food delivery apps have truly great demand. At the moment there are several competitors for the provision of this service considering how popular this is.

Features of On-Demand Food Ordering Application

Considering that the on-demand food ordering apps have grown a lot and have become almost like a necessity, there are several features that contribute as essentials to the on-demand food ordering apps. There are 7 must-have features in on-demand food ordering applications. Some of the features are as follows:

1.Easy Order Placements

The main point of having an on-demand food ordering app is that it is quite convenient to place food orders irrespective of the place or the time. At a click, you can have food delivered at your step.

2. Convenient Payment Options

Just as convenience is required in terms of ordering food, convenient payment options are also required. It would make no sense if ordering food is easy but one would have to go through a great amount of hassle to pay for the food ordered. Thus, easy payment options are extremely essential and are thus a feature of these apps. Options such as net banking or payment through cards or other online options such as Google pay or PayTM are available.

3. Push Notifications

Being constantly aware or updated about the app and the orders paced, push notifications are needed to be kept to date. Having push notifications simply makes things a lot easier and makes one alert as well. For instance, when the delivery of your order is delayed for a few minutes, having a push notification to update you about makes things more convenient for you.

4. Tracking Options

Most food ordering apps have options that help customers keep track of when the order has been placed, when the order is being prepared, when the order has left for delivery, etc. This helps in being aware of roughly how much time you can expect your meal, which is truly great.

5. Reviews and Ratings

People prefer good quality food from the best restaurants or places. Having ratings and reviews for your food, cafes, restaurants, etc. makes a big difference because the better the reviews and ratings, the better there is a change of ordering from that particular place. Customers prefer having reviews and ratings because when they want to explore or try something different, they have something to refer to, thus making this an extremely crucial feature of an on-demand food ordering app.

6. Discounts, Rewards, and Offers

For anything to work, there are certain marketing strategies that are applied. Having a food ordering app that offers rewards, points, discounts for orders, cashback, or any kind of offers, automatically attracts more people. That having this as a feature would ensure more customers.

7. Social Media Integration

People are often active or at least aware of several social media handles. Having on-demand food ordering apps integrated with social media means that there is more awareness of these apps and there could potentially be more users, which is why most food ordering apps consist of this integration.

On-Demand Food Ordering App

On-Demand Food Ordering App for Androids and iOS

Just like most of the other products and services available, there are several food ordering apps that are present and can be downloaded according to what each person likes best. When was the last time you ordered through Swiggy or checked your phone for a Zomato gold offer? These apps that are available on both android and iOS have made lives much simpler. There are several other apps that are now available on both these operating systems. For instance, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Seamless, Instacart, goPuff, GrubHub, Postmates, etc. Of course, there are plenty more apps that are free and paid, but these are some of the most common ones with Swiggy, Zomato, and Uber Eat being some of the topmost competitors in this area. Many times there might be a restaurant or a cafe or an eatery that might be registered under one particular app but not on the others. If you would want to order from that particular place, you would be required to download that particular app.

On-Demand Food Ordering Application Development

For these on-demand food ordering apps to be popular, they need to be developed and marketed. Restaurant chains or cafes or good places to eat, be in ice creams, snacks, Italian, Mexican, or any other cuisine, to gain popularity, developing an app for the food would definitely be more helpful. Thus, there are now several companies that work in developing these apps for eateries. They work in ensuring that the food delivery software is both appealing to the clients as well as convenient for the customers to use. There are several companies such as Minster, that work in developing apps for startups, single restaurants, restaurant chains. Along with the development of these apps, they look into creating more advanced features for these apps as well. Many of these companies also provide a free demo for these apps to portray an idea of these apps.


Overall looking at how much popularity the on-demand food ordering apps have gained, there is no doubt that there is a great demand for these apps. These apps have certain features and there is a manner in which the process takes place. However, considering these are digital forms of convenience, there is no doubt that in the future there will be several more upgrades and plenty of changes. There are always constant upgrades and developments that take place in technology and development, and the next generation has plenty to look forward to. In the meantime, considering how fast the demand for these apps has spread, there will definitely be companies like Agstya Technologies looking to develop these apps even further with advanced features and better software. For now, the above-mentioned features are a must for on-demand food ordering applications.

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